About Us

About Couple's Playground and it's parent company Couple's Paradise

  • Thousands of products to choose from including vibrators, cock rings, bondage sets, lingerie and costumes, and much more 
  • Founded in 2012 by Millenials, our youth allows us to connect with our customers in new and innovative ways like never before
  • Built by people who love intimacy and understands how beautiful it can be
  • We believe in confidentiality and security, that's why those are our top priorities
  • Your package is so plain, you won't even know you bought a sex toy from us

About Couple's Playground

Couple's Playground is a relationship enhancement store that encourages both couples and singles to increase their love life through open communication and trying new things. We were founded in August 2012, making us one of the new kids on the block. Over the years, we've built an innovative adult novelty store, that has founded new ways to connect with our customers and help them to explore their sexuality like never before. Our loyal customers know they can rely on Couple's Playground to treat them fairly, protect their privacy, and stand by our promises.

Customers can also rest assured that we are an Authorized Retailer, and are backed by Honey's Place, the largest wholesale distributor on the West Coast. As an Authorized Retailer for every brand we carry, our customers can always feel confident the products they receive are 100% genuine and sealed from the factory.  Our selection is nearly limitless and includes all major manufacturers, plus a carefully curated collection of cutting edge boutique firms that are creating some of the most advanced products the industry has ever seen.  It's an exciting time in the world of personal pleasure as technology drives ever-increasing innovation - and the beneficiary is you!   Gear up for a brave new world of erotic pleasure and explore your sexuality at Cpplayground.com!

We Care About Our Customers

One of our goals is providing customers with the best service possible. You can email us anytime with questions about your new toy, and we'll be there to answer them.

We also believe in sex education. When you visit our "Sexy News" blog, you'll find our favorite articles and videos about sex toys, dating and relationships, sexual health, and more. We take our time to find you the most valuable information about your sexuality.

Our customers deserve the best, and we'll do whatever it takes to give it to them.