Top 5 Sex Toys That Will Make You Squirt

Take it from me, squirting orgasms are amazing.  There is no feeling like it.  Once you experience female ejaculation you will know that you have just had the best orgasm of your entire life.

If you are truly serious about giving yourself (or that special lady in your life…hint, hint) a squirting orgasm, I suggest getting a sex toy that is specifically designed to hit your g-spot.  These are the toys that make me squirt every time.


  • Finding The Perfect Toy – In my opinion, using toys is marginally easier when trying to achieve a G-spot orgasm. They are constant, never get tired and know exactly where to press and push. This doesn’t mean a partner is useless, it just means pleasure comes quicker and it means you can experience some serious fun foreplay together.

I’ve listed a few of my preferred toys that make me squirt every time!


Mona 2

The Mona 2 is one of my favorite overall vibrators and the first toy that gave me a squirting orgasm.  The Mona 2 has two important features that make it perfect for achieving squirting orgasms, pin point vibrations and small overall size.   The vibrations are focused near the tip so you can place them directly on your g-spot.  And since Mona 2  is not all that big, you have some room to really maneuver this amazing toy into the perfect position.

The shape of the Mona 2 is the also right on point.  The well thought out design hits the g-spot perfectly.   Even if you aren’t really sure what you are trying to find, you’ll find it anyway.

The sleek and sexy design of Lelo Mona make it fun to own and great for couples play.

Ladies…a luxury vibrator is definitely a splurge worth making.

Guys…give this as a gift and score major points.  She’ll probably even let you use it on her.

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 Utopia 10 Function Cordless Rechargeable  Wand Massager

Most of you reading will have seen a sex toy like this before, it’s a magic wand vibrator that has been a reigning champion for many years when it comes to female orgasms (it can also double up as a serious massager). The flexible neck gives you pinpoint and all-around stimulation and that’s just the beginning. The push button makes it easy for you to toggle through the wonderful vibrations that are emitted thoroughly through the head of this vibrator.

Something else I love about this vibrator is that you have to plug it in for it to work, something that I hold in high regard, especially when taking it away on holiday with me and I don’t have to go looking for batteries every morning!

The vibrations it lets off are eye-watering, not a lot of sex toys can compare to this one when it comes to clitoral orgasms. If you want to have a squirting orgasm, you will cum extremely hard with this sex toy. Make sure to do everything you set the mood in your room, be relaxed and horny and the squirt will come.;-)

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Happy Rabbit Slimline G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

The Happy Rabbit has two powerful motors to really get things going, you also don’t need to worry about it making too much noise because it’s whisper quiet. It has 12 shaft functions and 3 ‘ear’ speeds that combined push you to your peak of arousal, the targeted internal stimulation takes you to the next level of sex toy pleasure as the Happy Rabbit knows exactly where to play around for you to experience a squirting orgasm.

It’s USB rechargeable so it’s ideal for people who hate batteries AND it’s submersible in water so if you only have some peace and quiet in the shower, feel free to take it in with you.

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Wildfire Slimline G

The WildFire Slimline G is perfect for someone who wants to get a g-spot vibrator but doesn’t want to spend very much money.

Pros:  Cheap, Will Make You Squirt!

Cons:  Cheap, Won’t Last Forever.

The bottom line is this g-spot vibrator will allow you to experience the magic of the female ejaculation.  If you are on a tight budget you shouldn’t be left to go without.  You deserve a squirting orgasm.  At the very least you should get yourself a Slimline G.

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This is definitely one of the cutest g-spot vibrators that make you squirt and it works super duper great (no exaggeration).

Aria Energy has an exceptionally powerful motor which is located in the tip, resonating throbbing vibrations directly to your G-spot! It's sleek shaft is soft and flexible, allowing it to bend and conform to your body. This vibrator is definitely my fav!!!

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