Are You Ready for Halloween?


Halloween is just around the corner. A night where dressing up as a sexy kitten and going to your favorite parties  is completely acceptable.   If your customers are looking to dress up as a french maid or other exotic creatures,  we have the costumes and accessories that will carry over past All Hallow’s Eve.   So celebrate the spirit this year with some devilishly items from our Halloween Playground.



Consumers will be looking to buy prepackaged costumes.  However, if you are looking for colorful wigs,  stockings, skirts that will enable you to embody the Halloween spirit while adding your own flair or creativity and originality, we have that too. 

As one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays, we've been preparing our website for the busy Halloween season. 


Couple's Playground has all the stockings, masks, wigs, eyelashes and so much more to complete any sexy costume!

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